Ballistic announces Tough Jacket Case for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Following Ballistic’s announcement about joining the Built for BlackBerry accessory program, they announced a new case for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The Ballistic TJ (Tough Jacket) rocks three layers of protection to absorb the shock from drops, bumps, etc. The TJ case also sports a kickstand which will allow you to angle your PlayBook to watch media on the go. Ballistic has not announced colors, pricing, or a launch date as of yet, but we are expecting it to arrive around the PlayBook launch on April 19th. We hope to get our hands on one of these cases soon.

Product Details:

Ballistic is proud to introduce our Ballistic TJ (Tough Jacket) Series Case for the BlackBerry Playbook, with not one, not two… but THREE layers of protection! The first and outermost layer is made of soft TPU which will help absorb the shock of a drop. In addition, this first layer, is co-molded onto layer number 2, which is made of a tough impact resistant polycarbonate. Layer number three, which is the inner-most layer, made of a soft silicone. This layer also includes our Ballistic Corners™ which means all four corners have extra shock absorption where you need it the most! Also included with this amazing case is a front cover attachment to help protect the screen during travel. The cover can also be removed and placed on the back of your case to be used as a kickstand for your Playbook!

• Advanced three layer protection

• Inner silicone layer absorbs shock

• Impact resistant hard plastic protects the phone

• Soft rubber on the back of the plastic adds to the durability

• Thicker Ballistic Corners for drop protection

• Removable screen cover that can also be used on the back as a kickstand

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  1. rezn

    May 05. 2011

    This is one sturdy looking baddie. I’d love to see them release with more color options. And of course this is a must for a review. $69.99 is a serious price tag but if the quality and usuability are there then I don’t see why not. Shoot a good PlayBook size and warranty run close to $1000.00 so there’s no reason to complain about 70. ;)

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