Looking for Micro HDMI Cable for BlackBerry PlayBook or Motorola XOOM?

With the BlackBerry PlayBook set to go on sale next week, one thing that really surprised me is that RIM is not including an HDMI cable in box. As you may know the BlackBerry PlayBook is a professional grade tablet, which sports Micro HDMI output. So if you want to use your PlayBook to watch media or stream a presentation it can be done easily. However RIM has decided not to include a Micro HDMI to regular HDMI cable in the box. So if you’re looking for one of these cables and don’t want to pay crazy retail prices (upwards of $20-40) we suggest checking out MonoPrice.com. I just ordered a couple cables from there with prices starting at $2.58 USD and shipping wasn’t too bad at all.

Keep in mind these Micro HDMI to HDMI cables also work on the Motorola XOOM, Motorola Droid X and the HTC EVO 4G.


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  1. Alex

    Apr 20. 2011

    Yeah it’s cheap but I’m living in Portugal and I dont want to pay $35 for shipping. I received my 5ft cable from http://microhdmi.ru yesterday. I’ve only paid $10 for cable and it’s working perfectly with my playbook.

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