Element Case reveals new Vapor Pro and COMP Tactical Cases

Element Case has become known for their premium constructed iPhone cases, and recently they unveiled two new Tactical inspired cases, the Vapor Pro and Vapor COMP. The Element Case Tactical series offers designs from each category Desert, Urban, Woods, and Arctic camo. The cases range in price from $129 to $159, depending on design. Here’s a quick description from Element Case:

The Tactical line is based on the two top tier Element Case models, Vapor Pro and Vapor COMP, featuring a CNC machined aluminum chassis combined with aerospace polymer components that provide lasting protection and unmatched durability for your iPhone. We achieve the non-glare, tactical finish, by utilizing a proprietary 5 step process for a look and feel that is unique to the Element Case Tactical Line.

Check out Element Case Vapor Pro and Vapor COMP Tactical cases.


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