Ballistic Shell Gel Case for HTC One S Now Available

Although the HTC One S smartphone isn’t available in North America just yet, Ballistic is already set to go with their Shell Gel case for the One S. The Ballistic Shell Gel Case offers two three layers of protection, the first being a shock absorbent polymer, followed by the polycarbonate hard shell, and finally the silicon Ballistic corners to absorb even more shock.

From Ballistic’s website:

Our Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for the HTC One S is engineered with three layers of the best protection on the market. This case is equipped with our Ballistic Corners™, to ensure that when you drop your phone, the shock from the drop is absorbed via the case, not your phone; and a lay-on-table feature, to ensure whether you place your new HTC One S on the surface of your desk, dashboard of your car or the top of your kitchen counter, the screen of your HTC One S will never touch the surface of any of them.

  • Advanced three layers of protection
  • Layer 1 – Ballistic shock absorbent polymer
  • Layer 2 – Tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Layer 3 – Soft silicone equipped with Ballistic Corners™
  • Includes lay on table feature
  • Pocket-able protection

The Ballistic Shell Gel for the HTC One S can be ordered now on Ballistic’s website for $34.99 each. Sadly it appears Ballistic doesn’t have any color options for the device at this time.


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