OtterBox Samsung Galaxy Note Cases Are Coming Soon

The Samsung Galaxy Note cases are finally started to arrive, recently Ballistic announced their SG series case. Now OtterBox has announced both their Commuter and Defender Series for the Galaxy Note, which allows users to decide on what style of protection they want.

The OtterBox Commuter Series (as seen above) features two layers of protection, plus a screen protection. The first layer is a silicon skin that wraps your Galaxy Note then followed by a hard plastic shell to wrap the silicon skin. The Commuter Series will be available shortly and will retail for $44.95 each. Here’s a description from  OtterBox:

The first level of protection features a tough silicone inner layer that surrounds the Galaxy Note and acts as a cushion against impact. The outer layer includes a polycarbonate shell that is sleek enough to slide easily into your pocket yet sturdy enough to toss into your purse or briefcase. Silicone plugs on the inner layer cover the volume controls, power button, headphone jack and charging port. There’s also open access to the stylus pen so you can easily illustrate your big ideas. The case for the Galaxy Note comes with a self-adhering protective film to protect the touch screen against scratches and scuff marks. Get protected and stay connected with the Samsung Galaxy Note Commuter Series case.

The next case is the Defender Series for the Galaxy Note, which provides stronger protection for those dangerous conditions. The Defender Series rocks three layers of protection, the first layer is a hard plastic shell, then the second layer is a silicon skin that wraps over the plastic shell. The final layer is a built-in screen protector to ensure your display doesn’t get damaged. As a bonus the Defender Series also includes a side holster that doubles as a multimedia stand. The Defender Series for the Galaxy Note will be available shortly for $59.95.

You can register to be notified when both cases are available for the Galaxy Note at OtterBox.


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